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The Fujin Canon prime lens, but it’s actually a small vacuum cleaner that’s designed to remove dust and other particles from inside your DSLR. Inside the Fujin is a high-speed electric fan that produces 2.7 times more airflow than the first generation Fujin lens vacuum, changing the air inside your camera 6 times every second. There are special electrostatic filters that are designed to be inserted in the front of the lens. These attract particles and help keep them out of your camera.


World’s First! Fujin Camera Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

WINCHESTER, Calif., Sept. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — IPP USA, Corp (U.S. distributor) announces the long-awaited sales launch of Fujin, the world’s first special-purpose cleaners for single-lens reflex cameras. The launch date is scheduled for September 28, 2015.

IPP Co., Ltd. (Ryoji Yoshihara, CEO) has consistently pursued a camera interior “Zero Dust” goal when developing its Fujin Camera Cleaner series.

The Fujin Mark II (EF-L002) for Canon EF mount, and Fujin D (F-L001) for Nikon F mount (Coming soon on Oct. 28th) are to be released for sale. http://www.usa-ipp.com

The release of the first Fujin series products in Japan has already created a stir.

– Background of Development

Digital cameras have rapidly penetrated the market in recent years, and their performance has also advanced, with some newer models offering resolutions of up to 20 million pixels.

But these advanced cameras are subject to the problems with dust, including dust visible on captured photos.

Until now there has been no way to conveniently and easily clean a camera with confidence. Camera enthusiasts have been vexed with this problem. But Fujin completely solves it.

– Main Features

  • Designed for mounting on the camera

Like a lens, the mounted design provides for highly efficient, simple, secure, sensor-based-cleaning, and with automatic cleaning linked to multi-shot photo shooting mode.

The cleaning is optimal for single-lens reflex cameras because the cleaning unit prevents the intake of dirty air during cleaning.