I recently came to know about a lens shaped vacuum cleaner for camera called Fujin. It seemed like a very nice innovative idea so I went ahead and got hold of one. The Fujin cleaner (D version for Nikon mount) was shipped to me from Japan and reached my door steps in a few days. The company had packed it very well. On opening the parcel, I found a very neat looking box, similar to the kind that comes with lenses. The box contained instructions in different languages, a set of filters for use with the cleaner and the cleaner itself in a velvet bag similar to the ones shipped with Nikkor lenses.  The whole package looked very impressive. The finish of the product is good. It is expensive considering the built quality and components used. Read More Here... Camera Cleaning Body Lens
I was recently able to get my hands on the Fujin sensor cleaner for my Canon 5D Mark III. Having to take my camera to get the sensor cleaned is a big hassle as it can be expensive to get the sensor cleaned and also the downtime of not having my camera is a major issue for a photographer like myself who relies on my camera for my work.


Fujin's sensor cleaner allows me to simply lock it into place turn it on and allow it to clean without me physically cleaning the sensor like with wipes and brush sensor kits. Another great feature, is that Fujin's cleaner is shaped like a lens so it makes it really easy to carry and easy to use. After using the Fujin's sensor cleaner, it has made a difference and seemed to clean out a lot of the dust and particles inside. I would recommend this to any photographer looking for a great way to easily clean there sensor and lenses.
C. Johnson
Camera Body Cleaning Simple as Attaching a Lens Gone are the days of the squeeze blower; the Fujin Mark II has arrived!


I often get particles, dust and even pet hair inside the body of my camera (I have four dogs and a cat). To clean inside the body, I have been gingerly using a squeeze blower, worrying that I might scratch the sensitive mirror inside my camera. That was until I discovered the Fujin Mark II Vacuum lens attachment cleaner.   Now all I have to do is attach Fujin’s vacuum powered attachment to the lens mount of my SLR, turn it on for one minute and it is done. I no longer have to pump air into my camera with a hand held squeeze blaster and move particles from one area of the camera to the other. I no longer worry that I will damage my precious camera.   The Fujin camera lens vacuum attachment pulls the pesky dirt out of my camera body, away from my mirror and from deep inside. All I have to do is attach the camera cleaning element as I would a lens and turn it on.


The lens attachment is a vacuum powered suction device that pulls dust and debris out of the camera. Much more convenient than the sensor blower bulb and the price is affordable too. The Fujin does not clean the smudges off your mirror, but it does get particles. Now I only have to disturb the interior of my camera body for deep cleaning.


When on a shoot, I don't stress that I will blow in more debris using the squeeze blower, drop the camera, or in my haste to get the picture, scratch something inside the body of my camera with the tip of the blower.


The lens camera cleaning attachment is surprisingly lightweight and extremely easy to use, and Fujin makes the Mark II to fit the lens mounts of Canon cameras.


This is a must have in your camera cleaning kit.


D. Franks
Digital photography is generally pretty great, and, in most ways, is a lot more convenient than the “good ol’ days” of film photography. For example, back in the 90’s, it would cost eight bucks for a roll of 36-exposure color film, and another eight bucks to get it developed. Basically every time you snapped the shutter, it cost 44 cents. Now, we can snap thousands of pictures a day without it costing a dime.


On the other hand, we never had to worry about the imaging sensor back in oldy times. We took a sealed roll of film, sealed it in the camera, then, when we were done, rewound it back into its sealed canister and removed it. If the camera got a little dusty inside, we’d brush it out and move on. Today, there’s a very delicate imaging sensor permanently installed inside the camera. So, every time you swap lenses on your SLR, there’s the possibility of dust getting inside and, eventually getting onto your sensor. That dust shows up as unsightly blots on your photos.


So, you have to clean your sensor, which usually means opening up the mirror, and blowing air directly onto it. I have a squeeze blower that looks like a 1950s rocket ship, and which blows a strong stream of air through a red plastic nozzle at one end. That’s great, as far as it goes, but using it still terrifies me. Since I can’t really hold the bulb steady while I squeeze it, I’m always afraid I’m going to accidently jam the plastic nozzle against my sensor, scratching it, and ruining a camera body that costs several hundred dollars. Never mind that it’s also shooting unfiltered, and possibly dust-laden, air directly onto the sensor as well.


But I’ve recently acquired a new device from a Japanese company called IPP, that looks to solve this problem. It’s called the Fujin Mark II, and it’s an interesting idea. Basically, it’s a vacuum cleaner packed into a body that’s shaped like a camera lens, and which mounts on my Canon camera body. Mount it on the camera’s lens mount, lock up the shutter mirror, turn it on, and it immediately circulates charged air through the camera body, sucking it in though filters around the edge of the “lens” and expelling it through the middle of the lens, completely replacing the dirty air inside the camera 6 times a minute with filtered air from the outside. The Fujin Mark II is designed to create a vortex of air inside the camera to pick up the dust, and suck it out through the center of the Fujin.


Right now, it only fits the Canon mounting system, but apparently, they’ve got a product called the Fujin D coming out soon that will fit the Nikon F-mount camera bodies as well.


It’s a neat idea, and it removes the fear of blowing more dirty, dusty air into the camera body, and, most importantly, avoids completely the disaster of inadvertently scratching the sensor. Because it’s shaped like a removable SLR lens, it fits easily into your camera bag. It’s also self-contained, being powered by four AAA batteries.


Overall, it’s a convenient and useful product, and I can’t believe it’s taken so long for anyone to come up with an idea like this.
This review is on the Fujin Mark II Vacuum Lens.


Although this may look like a Canon L Series lens with its red ring, this lens does not contain any glass or a focus ring, and is not meant to take pictures with. This is a high end camera accessory which is made to clean the sensor and innards of your camera. It has a fan which acts like a vacuum blowing filtered air into your camera, and then sucking it out, together with the dust particles that were resting in your camera.


The lens which is powered by 4 AAA batteries, screws on to the cameras lens mount just like an ordinary lens. There are two models of this product; one for Canon and one for Nikon mount. All that is needed to do to engage the cleaning is to flip the power switch to the on position. Once the fan is running Fujin recommends that you press the shutter button on the camera for continuous shooting in order to cause movement in the camera to set the dust free. Using the fan during the sensor cleaning mode is also recommended.


The lens uses specially cut round filters, which are replaceable, in order to ensure clean air flow into the camera. Included in the box with the lens are 3 filters, and additional filters can be purchased on the Fujin website.


I really like the lens shape design of the unit, and I think that being that it has a filtered system, this can be more safe and effective than the traditional Rocket Blower being that the Rocket blower may even blow more dust into the camera. I also like it better than cleaning the camera sensor with a Sensor Cleaning Swab, being that this doesn't leave me with the risk of scratching or smudging the sensor.


All in all, this product seems promising to ensure long lasting quality of your camera. Below are some sample videos from Fujin showing the capability of this cleaner.