Q. How does Fujin work?

A. Fujin works with 4 AAA batteries

Q. Average camera cleaning time?
A. We suggest for 1-2 minutes camera cleaning, however you can do longer if you like.
Q. How often do we need to change the filter?
A. We recommend every 1-2 months but it is depend on your frequency of use.

Q. How do we keep Fujin clean?

A. Do 1 minute cleaning to let out all the dust from the inside of Fujin first, then attach to your camera and do camera cleaning. Wipe off Fujin with clean cloth and keep it clean.  We recommend you to use anti-static spray on Fujin.

Q. Does Fujin clean all the dusts and stains?

A. The dust and stains accumulated when you have not done cleaning for long time, or when the camera being not use for long time and left long time in a high humid environment, cannot be cleaned by Fujin.

Q. Is it okay to clean cameras with Fujin each time after I use my camera?

A. Yes it is. Cleaning your camera each time after using your camera keeps your camera clean.

Q. Is it okay to clean cameras with Fujin longer time than the recommended average cleaning time (1-2mins)?

A. Yes. It is.

Q. Can we take pictures with Fujin?

A. No, you cannot. Fujin is not a camera lens.